2019 April Wallpaper – 2 Lonely Cacti - Susam Creative

2019 April Wallpaper – 2 Lonely Cacti

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Colors have a great impact on our emotions. The same picture may seem artistic or classy, energetic or dull, happy or sad in the usage of different color palettes. Like, it happened in this month’s wallpaper.

Susam Creative’s April wallpaper started its journey as a cheerful one. Two minimal cacti sitting together: that was our sketch on a small notepad. What could go wrong with a simple drawing like that?

If you are following our social media profiles, you might’ve seen we started to share color inspiration post for the month. After we vectorized the cacti sketch, the next step was choosing a color palette. So, we decided to use “cayenne” as part of the palette which is Susam Creative’s inspirational color for April. Then came green for the bodies of cacti. But at some point, while we were experimenting with colors at Adobe Color, we decided to turn our greens to a more blueish tone. That was the move changed the destiny of this month’s wallpaper.

Using blueish tones turned illustration’s atmosphere to a more depressed one and made two cheerful cacti look lonely somehow. This is where the absurd name of the illustration comes and this is the power of color usage.

In case you missed our March wallpaper, just click here to download it for free. And if you want to understand color’s effects more, you should read our blog post about choosing the right colors.

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Dilara Yavuz

Dilara Yavuz

Dilara İsis Yavuz, aka deraraisis, is an award-winning illustrator and a graphic designer. She is also a co-founder of design and branding studio Susam Creative.
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