2019 July Wallpaper – Summer Lemonade - Susam Creative

2019 July Wallpaper – Summer Lemonade

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Freshly juiced lemons with a hint of mint. Lemonade became our studio’s favorite refreshment in these hot summer days. So, this tasty drink turned into an inspiration for this month’s wallpaper, in the end.

In Susam Creative, it is kind of a tradition to illustrate summer-themed wallpapers during summer since we started this little monthly project. Our July wallpaper is not any different and it intends to bring the taste of summer to your screens.

In case you missed our June wallpaper, just click here to download it for free.

To download Susam Creative’s July wallpaper, just click the best size for your device! Is the size of your device not listed here? No problem! Just tell us your desired size and we will create it for you.
PS: Not sure which size is better for you? Here are some tips;
  • You can use 1920×1440 for 4:3 screens like; 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768, 1152×864, 1280×960, 1280×1024, 1400×1050, 1600×1200.
  • You can use 2560×1440 for 16:9 screens like; 800×480, 1280×720.
  • You can use 2880×1800 for 16:10 screens like; 1280×800, 1440×900, 1680×1050, 1920×1200.
  • Smartphones mostly use 9:16 screens. You can download 1242×2208 if you use iPhone 5 or higher or any 1080p Android phone.
  • If you use iMac 27, you can download 2560×1440.
  • If you use MacBook Pro 13 Retina or MacBook Pro 15 Retina, you can download 2880×1800.
Dilara Yavuz

Dilara Yavuz

Dilara İsis Yavuz, aka deraraisis, is an award-winning illustrator and a graphic designer. She is also a co-founder of design and branding studio Susam Creative.
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