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We’re Susam Creative, a boutique branding and web design studio which was founded by two passionate designers/scientists and a cat. Since we are designers, we are inspired by design. And since we are scientists, we are driven by results. As a creative and a unique team, our priority is producing quality work that not only looks pretty, but delivers results at the same time. We create amazing experiences for brands and we are here to turn your dreams into a reality.

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More than a Cat, Namer of the Studio, Beloved Friend

Susam was the beloved cat of Susam Creative’s co-founder Dilara Yavuz. Since he passed away short time before Dilara and Mustafa established the studio, she decided to name the studio after him for the honour of their 13 years friendship. “Susam”s name will live on with our studio.

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Dilara Yavuz

Co-founder, Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Dreamer

As a creative with a vivid imagination, Dilara has been drawing for as long as she can remember. Even though she comes from a science background, she was trained from the cradle by her father who also was a designer. Also known as deraraisis, Dilara started her career as an illustrator while she was still in highschool and decided to be a designer at her senior year in college. She was a geek long before this was socially acceptable and she still is a nerd of many things. With her colorful personality and deviant mind, she offers the best possible product that is a natural realisation of the brand.

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Mustafa Türksavaş

Co-founder, UX & UI Designer, Strategist

Mustafa has the ability to see a project from every angle without losing the sight of the critical details. Interested in coding and user experience since his high school years, he educated himself in his expertise. Like his partner Dilara, he also comes from a science background. And the analytical principles he learned as a scientist have given him a unique perspective in the design industry. With his stellar organizational skills, Mustafa was born to manage the studio. He makes sure everything in the studio is on track and all our clients are happy.

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Office Cat, Catventurer, Parttime Rascal Full-time Cute

Purr was a very sick kitten who used to live near a garbage can before she decided to follow her future-owner Dilara. After that day, both her life and studio’s atmosphere changed. As the source of Susam Creative family’s joy, Purr spends her days mostly sleeping or embarking on adventures. Curious by the nature, she gets herself involved with every project one way or another.

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