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Cosplay Terzisi

As a creative studio, we really enjoy ourselves when we create something for the other creatives. “Cosplay Terzisi”, was a small tailor’s shop before, and now, it is a custom made costume brand that has customers all over Turkey.

About Cosplay Terzisi

Cosplay Terzisi is a company which focuses on designing and sewing costumes. Since 2013, they have been helping cosplayers with their costume needs by designing and sewing costumes. Also, they have been helping cosplayers to get awards with their beautiful costumes. Using a variety of fabrics and their experience, they are giving 2d imaginary characters life by turning those characters into reality.

The Challenge

When we have first met the extraordinarily talented tailor Nahide, she wasn’t sure about the next step in her career. She was considering focusing on sewing costumes, but she wasn’t able to get enough requests. Getting orders over the phone and coming up with the correct pricing was a big problem. And since they were a small tailor’s shop in a huge city, people didn’t have time to come and get measured.

The Solution

We have created a way and a process for Nahide to move her business to the digital world with a new branding that would allow her to focus on sewing costumes. With the new branding she would be able to have an impact on people as a costume tailor and with her website and social media accounts, she would be able to increase visibility and would be able to reach potential clients. And to fix her trouble with the phone orders, an order form was designed so she wouldn’t miss any important information. Also, a measurement guide was created for her and her clients to save time and avoid confusion.

Brand Identity

Nahide needed a brand that would be able to reflect the quality of the costumes she sews. We have learned that most people who ordered costumes from her were cosplayers. After the necessary research, we had the idea for the perfect brand: Cosplay Terzisi (meaning Cosplay Tailor).

After the name, a slogan was needed to make the brand desirable. We have learned that it was really common for cosplayers to create their own costumes, but some people who did this as a hobby didn’t have time to create their own. Since cosplay as a word, is the combination of the words costume and play, we found out that people who were focused on the play side of cosplay would be the main target. And considering that information, the main slogan was ready:

"We are here for your costume needs. Let us create your costume, while you focus on your play."

We have also created a secondary slogan for social media posts and posters and it was focused on the feelings of cosplayers who got their costumes from Cosplay Terzisi:

"Happy cosplaying and memorable moments with Cosplay Terzisi."

(Well, this one sounds a lot better in Turkish.)
Cosplay Terzisi Case Study 1

Logo Design

Cosplay Terzisi focused on costumes that were to be sewn and painted. For that reason, elements that remind tailoring were the focus of the logo. Designing the logo resembling a crest, with a font that has a medieval taste (Augusta Regular), we wanted to touch the cosplayers hearts with some fantasy elements.
Cosplay Terzisi Case Study 2


After creating the identity and the logo, we have started our work on giving the brand life with colors. Being a brand that was aimed at a younger audience, pink was the front-runner.
Cosplay Terzisi Case Study 3


We have chosen to use a fancy font, Augusta Regular on the logo, but for the website, posters and social media posts, we needed more modern and legible fonts. Our choices were Open Sans and Titillium Web. And as the cursive font to be used on social media imagery, we went with Ylee MHIM.
Cosplay Terzisi Case Study 4


To bring more quality to the costumes, using the brand name, we have created a label for the costumes. During the research phase, we have learned that cosplayers would sell or trade their costumes after wearing them only a couple of times. In those situations, costumes with Cosplay Terzisi label on them would reflect the quality to the new owners and would allow meeting new clients.
Cosplay Terzisi Case Study 5

Measurement Guide

One of the biggest issues for Cosplay Terzisi was getting the wrong measurements from the people who measured themselves for not being able to come to the shop. With an easily understandable and fun guide for taking measurements, we were able to fix the problem. With every order, the client would get the guide with a list of measurements needed and this guide made the process smoother and easier for both Cosplay Terzisi and their clients.
Cosplay Terzisi Case Study 6

Website Design

The main target being young people, the website of Cosplay Terzisi had to be clear and had to give the sense of security. We have designed a portfolio to show the costumes that were created by Cosplay Terzisi. We have also created an order form with clear instructions to make the ordering process easy for both Cosplay Terzisi and their clients.

View Live Website

Cosplay Terzisi Case Study 7

Social Media Imagery

We have designed avatars to be used on Facebook and Instagram, and Facebook cover image to reflect the brand identity on social media. Also, we have created posters for special offers and announcements to be used on social media.


After the website went live, Cosplay Terzisi got a big spike on their costume orders. Especially when there were a lot of cosplay events, tailor shop started to work on a full capacity to fulfill orders. This allowed them to become a tailor shop that is fully focused on costumes, just like they wanted.
Cosplay Terzisi Case Study 8


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