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2019 July Wallpaper – Summer Lemonade

Freshly juiced lemons with a hint of mint. Lemonade became our studio’s favorite refreshment in these hot summer days. So, this tasty drink turned into …

2019 June Wallpaper – Dive Into Summer

Swimming parties, glasses overflowing with lemonades and lots of sunshine… Summer days are finally here! We don’t know about you, but, we’re excited to dive …

2019 May Wallpaper – Hanging Plant

After April’s cacti,  we are here with another plant themed wallpaper. These days, you may found our illustrator Dilara illustrating this or that plant randomly in the …

2019 April Wallpaper – 2 Lonely Cacti

Colors have a great impact on our emotions. The same picture may seem artistic or classy, energetic or dull, happy or sad in the usage …

2019 March Wallpaper – Cat Sunbathing on Window

Every cat person knows, there is a weird connection between cats and windows. Like cat magnets, windows lure the cats. If you’re walking around in any old neighborhood, you can find one or two sunbathing cats on the windows of those cozy houses.

2019 February Wallpaper – Painting with Chocolate

Susam Creative’s wallpapers of this winter were all about cats. And the last wallpaper of the series is here.

Because of Valentine’s Day, February is the most lovey-dovey month of the year. Nearly everything is heart shaped and pink is everywhere. Even though its a horrific display of February, there sure is a wonderful side of this month: Chocolates, in every taste and shape!

2019 January Wallpaper – Stealing Your Christmas Scarf

Winter started to make its presence felt in these days. Even cats have their own fur coat to keep themselves warm, they wouldn’t say no being extra warm. And a scarf they could easily steal from the coatroom will do the job. Because cats love stealing unusual things, just as much as they love warm places.

2018 December Wallpaper – Cat Cocoa

A cup of hot cocoa would go well to warm yourself in these cold winter nights, right? And, of course, a cat. Curling inside your blanket while taking a sip of your hot beverage, listening to your cat purr beside you: That would simply be the best gift to give yourself for the upcoming year. Also, Susam Creative’s December wallpaper will be the best wallpaper to use on your screens during winter.

2018 November Wallpaper – Hedge Wizardess

After the slime wallpaper we shared last month, we decided to share another fantasy-themed wallpaper for this month. Open your magic books, everyone. And if you can not find your magical items, don’t worry. Because Susam Creative’s November wallpaper is here to create a magical atmosphere for your screens.

October 2018 Wallpaper – Let’s Play Slime

Since Halloween is on the way, we decided to design a spooky yet cute wallpaper for October. We are sure that this month’s wallpaper will make any Dungeons and Dragons fan happy.

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